December 15, 2017


Recommended LinksHere are some other websites that I recommend:
This is the website for the C.G. Jung Society of Colorado, founded in 1976 by Drs. Wallace and Jean Clift. It is an educational program, with lectures open to the general public. I have been president of the society since 1996.
This is a very informative website that was begun by a local analyst, Don Williams, and is now maintained by the Houston Jung Society. It’s an impressive source of information.
This is the website of the Jungian Society that I belong to, the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. It is a training organization, and the Denver training seminar is part of that larger group.
This is the website for the International Association for Analytical Psychology. It is the governing body for the practice of Jungian Analysis in the world. There’s lots of interesting information at the site, but some is less accurate than one would hope. The information depends upon Jungian organizations sending updates to IAAP.
This is the website for the Irish Analytical Psychology Association (IAPA). The country is developing a very interesting program. And what a beautiful place to go to study Jung or mythology!
Speaking of Ireland and mythology, check out this website. The Bard program is definitely a program worth checking into.
“Surlalune Fairytales: Illustrations of Brother and Sister.” Just a little item of personal interest. A fairytale that is discussed extensively in my book is the Grimms tale “Brother and Sister.” This website has a collection of illustrations of that fairytale. Some are quite beautiful.
The Alchemy Website. In my Jungian studies, alchemy is a subject that I have particularly loved to learn about and teach. This website contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in looking into this complicated subject. While my interest is psychological, the website is much more comprehensive.
This is my favorite web designer, Yazmin Coveney.
Cathy Pagano is a gifted astrologer with a distinct Jungian approach. She writes new moon and full moon blogs each month, and they are definitely worth checking out!
The Jung Institute of Colorado is an organization that has been around since 1976, but we just developed a website in 2012. We are Jungian analysts who are passionately engaged in our own analytic research, writing, teaching a variety of topics in the field of psychology, and we present our work and teaching to the general public. We also train future Jungian Analysts.
Dr Erel Shalit is a Jungian Analyst in Israel, a prolific writer, and his website makes for a very interesting read!